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Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Trade And Economic Cooperation Bureau
Name of Unit:
  Hangzhou Municipal Foreign Trade And Economic Cooperation Bureau

Main Duty:


According to The notification about print and distribute the function configuration framework setup inside and stipulation of personnel construct (distributed by the Hangzhou city government) No. 261(2001) Hangzhou city foreign economy and trade Bureau is one of the departments of the city government which in charge of the foreign trade, investment of the foreign businessmen and economy cooperation and main duties:
(1)Execute the guidelines, policies, laws, rules of law and regulations of foreign trade, economy cooperation and foreign businessmen invest of the state and the province. Formulate practical measures and actualize methods, consigned to draft out regional rules of law and regulation drafts, organized to execute them after discussed and got crossed.
(2)Direct and correspond the city’s foreign economy and trade work, study the strategy for the development of foreign economy and trade. Organize and construct the long and medium terms of yearly scheme, in charge of the statistic work of the foreign economy and trade operation.
(3)Direct and manage the import and export commodities of the city, correspond the import and export goods stream work. Examine and approve or declare set up all kinds of foreign economy enterprises in the authorized range, audit, report and permit the foreign working right of the domestic enterprises together with the relevant departments. Correspond and direct the construction of exporting goods sourcing bases, economy and trade window. In charge of the management of quota of import and export commodities in the authorized range.
(4)Manage the import and export catalogues of the machine and electric products, and the invite public bidding work. Direct the construction of the import and export system of the machine and electric products. Direct the technology reconstruct and high technology export.
(5)Direct and mange the work of using foreign capital, formulating the policies, measures and managing methods of using foreign capital. Synthesizing manage and organize attracting foreign capital. In charge of examine and approve or declare the contract, constitution and alteration of the using foreign capital projects, put out the authorizing certificates for foreign capital enterprises. Synthesizing manage the relevant business of the foreign capital enterprises. Supervise inspect the execution of the rules and the contracts of the foreign capital enterprises. In charge of audit, declare and manage the local agencies of the frameworks abroad, foreign businessmen and Hong Kong, Macao businessmen.
(6)Manage the foreign economy and technology cooperation work of the city. In charge of foreign economy and technology cooperation work as audit or declare, manage foreign services cooperation, projects contract with, enterprises abroad, economy aid and investment cooperation, accept many or two boards aid projects.
(7)Synthesizing manage, organize and direct the foreign trade shows, trade conference and negotiating conferences. In charge of organize the foreign economy trade’s investigate and study, information intercourse and foreign publicizing work.
(8)Manage and audit the using direction of the foreign trade funds together with the relevant departments. In charge of the auditing and declaring work of the international market exploiting funds project of the medium and small enterprises. Direct and audit the export drawback work of the foreign trade enterprises. Direct the scale operating and modern enterprises policies reformation of the foreign trade enterprises.
(9)In charge of the auditing of foreign trade groups who going abroad, and the invitation of foreign businessmen who come to invest in Hangzhou. In charge of welcome the economy and trade groups coming from abroad.
(10)In charge of the relevant operation training, examining, studying and consulting of the policies of the WTO, such works in the foreign trade industry. Study and extend all kinds of international trade methods and e-business.
(11)Communicate and correspond the relevant proceeding of foreign trading with inspection and quarantine bureau, custom, bank,insurance company, national tax, foreign exchange manage. Direct the work of trade develop committee and foreign capital enterprises association.
(12)Undertake other business delivered by the city government.

  No.457, Yan'an Rd. Hangzhou City
Post Code:
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